Monday, 21 July 2014

Farewell Family Cakes!

After a great two months at Family Cake,
I must say goodbye though it makes my heart ache
After Facebooking, tweeting, blogging and more
I can honestly say it's Family cakes I do adore
From Andrew to Vincenzo to Dan, and Ana
From bakes to biscuits and cakes of banana
I've learned so much from everyone here
It's sad to know the end is near
I've learned marketing, management, and the art of sandwiches
I've learned to curse in 4 different languages
From wacky themes to weddings I am super impressed
With talented workers Family Cakes has truly been blessed
From sales to accounts to everyone in store
Thanks for making work not feel like a chore.

As I head back to the U S of A,
I know London is where I'd rather stay
With clean public transport and so much to do
I will miss calling the bathroom 'the loo'
The pub culture, accents, and fish and chips
All of the traveling and amazing trips
I’ll miss carrying an umbrella ‘just in case’
This really is an amazing place
Family Cakes has made my time here amazing
They really deserve endless praising
40,000 orders and still going strong

Hopefully I’ll be back, but if not, so long!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

40,000th Order!

Pop some Champagne because we just received our 40,000th order!!!!!

This is big news for Family Cakes and we have to thank Luis Cafe for placing the golden order!  We have been caking and baking for 5 years meaning that we have received 8,000 orders a year and have an average of 22 orders every day.  The past 5 years have been quite eventful to say the least and we are proud to have reached this milestone! We couldn't have done it without all of our wonderful customers' support and sweet teeth, so thank you all for that! In honor of our 40,000th order we are throwing it back to the first ever post on the Family Cake Company blog.  Click the link below to see how the blog got started and why we still and forever will love cake! 

As you can see, not much has changed; we still love how cakes seem to be a universally delicious and eye catching treat.  We love how they can be creative, elegant, simple, or complex but still retain the same amazing flavor and joy regardless of the occasion.  Our customers definitely have given us some challenges over the years, but this is what we love most! A challenge is always fun for us and we thrive on having to think creatively to produce some wild cakes.  Below are some of our favorite creations over the past five years, and because there are so many it was hard to choose. We are so thankful that we get to keep on baking and creating for our amazing customers.  Here's to many more crazy cakes and delicious bakes in the future!

Comment below with your opinion on our best creation or a suggestion for the future! 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Behind the Blog

How to write a FCC blog post:

Well I'm sure you're all very curious about the extensive process Family Cakes goes through when posting on our blog.  Here is a detailed guide about the process of blogging here at Family Cakes and how we became the best blog on the internet.  

The process starts first with undeniable stress sweat about producing a blog post on an interesting and engaging topic.  After about 10 minutes of sheer panic and worry, I jump onto the web and see what is happening around the world.  There is always a lot happening such as trending topics on Twitter and national holidays, but since writing about July 4th is not an option (classic American) and the only trending topics on twitter today are about a song called "Ketchup," I quickly switch gears and try to think creatively. Luckily London and Family Cakes are both busy places and there is always an event or glorious cake in the works.  Usually it is very easy to find an idea by walking through our kitchen or just turning on the television.  These types of events spark hot topics, and give me an idea about what people may enjoy reading.  

(Yes this song really exists and I'm really not sure why its trending...)

Once inspiration strikes, I quickly switch over to the blog page and click the feared 'Create Post' button. After writing and deleting about 10 different titles for the post, I finally settle on one that I feel highlights the ideas of the post while hopefully drawing people in to read it. After finishing the title I begin typing an outline for the post that usually goes something like this:

People you encounter during World Cup: 
Introduction: stuff about the cup and fans
People: the mean one, the one that cheers loud, knows everything, one no one likes, one everyone likes, t-shirt guy, t-shirt guy's friend, etc.
Put pictures and other stuff now
Wrap it up now idiot

As you can see these outlines are very "inspiring" and so "carefully written."  With my outline ready to go I begin drafting (in full sentences this time) what it is I'm trying to relay to the reader.  Often I do this in paragraph form while inserting pictures to keep things interesting.  Once I finish writing out what I need to say, I read it over and then immediately decide its rubbish and log out.  After my anger subsides, I calmly re-read what I have written and after a lot of editing, pass it over for approval.  The nerves are imminent as I wait for the green light to post.  After making some minor changes, mostly cultural things that "the American" doesn't understand I hold my breath and click 'Publish.'  Once its all out there I look for positive responses and hopefully there are some.  

Ok so now I'm getting to the wrap it up now idiot portion of the post, but I hoped you've enjoyed getting a little behind the scenes about how the blogging process works here at Family Cakes!  It's always an adventure I assure you.  Feel free to comment below on blog posts you would like to see or any questions you may have!

(When inspiration doesn't strike... take a nervous mid-blog selfie)