Monday, 21 July 2014

Farewell Family Cakes!

After a great two months at Family Cake,
I must say goodbye though it makes my heart ache
After Facebooking, tweeting, blogging and more
I can honestly say it's Family cakes I do adore
From Andrew to Vincenzo to Dan, and Ana
From bakes to biscuits and cakes of banana
I've learned so much from everyone here
It's sad to know the end is near
I've learned marketing, management, and the art of sandwiches
I've learned to curse in 4 different languages
From wacky themes to weddings I am super impressed
With talented workers Family Cakes has truly been blessed
From sales to accounts to everyone in store
Thanks for making work not feel like a chore.

As I head back to the U S of A,
I know London is where I'd rather stay
With clean public transport and so much to do
I will miss calling the bathroom 'the loo'
The pub culture, accents, and fish and chips
All of the traveling and amazing trips
I’ll miss carrying an umbrella ‘just in case’
This really is an amazing place
Family Cakes has made my time here amazing
They really deserve endless praising
40,000 orders and still going strong

Hopefully I’ll be back, but if not, so long!

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