Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ancient Cheese Cake

I’m sure you already know this, but cheese cake is Delicious! In fact cheese cake has been enjoyed for nearly 2,700 years by the ancient Greeks who made a similar dish using goat’s milk. Fortunately recipes have changed over time to accommodate for the worlds sweet tooth, but I’m sure people enjoy it just as much now as they did 2,000 years ago. Family Cakes along with a lot of baker’s make cheese cakes using cream cheese, but ricotta cheese or quark cheese could also be used. Here is our own recipe for you to try……
550 g soft cream cheese
3 eggs
100 g caster sugar
200 g white chocolate (melted)
1 kilo crushed digestive biscuits
200g caster sugar
350 g melted butter

Once all the ingredients are ready you should prepare the crust. All you would need to do is mix the sugar, crushed biscuits and butter together. After the crust ingredients are mixed spread them in a 10 inch cooking pan. Once you have completed the crust you can begin preparing the filling. First you should beat the sugar and cream cheese in a bowl. Then while beating the cream cheese and sugar add the three eggs slowly. After the eggs are mixed in add the white chocolate. Once the filling is complete, pour the mixture into the 10 inch pan and bake it at 150C until the cake is firm. Keep a close eye on it though because if you over cook it the cheese cake will e dry!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Something New

If you cannot enjoy the delights most commonly baked due to an allergy to Gluten then try our Gluten FREE sponge cake!!! This was the first cake that Vincenzo and Dan let me taste and it was an explosion of flavour! Not to mention it is easy to make...

150 grams of margarine
150 grams of caster sugar
 2 eggs
150 grams of gluten free self-rising flower
Once all the ingredients are organized proceed by beating the margarine and sugar together. After the margarine and sugar is mixed, add the 2 eggs and mix. Once the eggs have been mixed in then add the self-rising gluten free flower and mix all the ingredients together. When the batter is mixed together pour it into an 8 inch baking pan and bake it for 45 minutes at a temperature of 165C

After the cake has been baked allow for some time to cool then add jam and marzipan on top and enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chocolate Eruption

Vincenzo working hard!

I have always had a sweet tooth and the delightful smells creeping from the kitchen are only making it worse. However, not only do I get taunted by the smells but I have also found myself constantly gazing at the magnificent cakes that I hope I have might have the chance to taste. The first cake that caught my eye at Family Cake Company was the Profitarole. Vincenzo brought out the Profitarole during my orientation and I haven’t been able to keep my mind off of it. It is a mountain of moist choux buns that are filled with a flavourful vanilla cream and doused in chocolate sauce! I know I wouldn’t need an excuse to order one of these chocolate eruptions that would be enough to satisfy mine and any chocolate lover’s cravings!!!
Finished Profitarole

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Impressions of cake from over the pond!

Hello fellow cake lovers!! My name is Wesley and I will now be in the driver’s seat of this blog. I am the new and confused intern who was just hit with a landslide of information and has never blogged before so hang with me.

Anyway let’s get to know me a little bit! I was born and raised in an extremely hot desert in the Southwest part of the United States called Arizona where the temperature is currently (19/06/12) 106o F or about 41o C. Besides the scorching weather Arizona is best known for there tall tree like cactuses called saguaros that are used in most cartoons and cowboy movies. I am currently studying business management at Eller College of Management in the University of Arizona.

My first day has been interesting and I have already learned a lot about how the Family Cake operates. However, the highlight of the day was my chance to test one of Vincenzo new cakes. Anyway, I have got to go now because Vincenzo has taken something out of the oven that smells delicious and I would like to catch some table scraps!!