Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Winners and fillings

 We really have had a busy week this week.

 We FINALLY presented  the winning cupcakes to the fabulous winners, they tried a couple of different ways of adding the space dust and we all agreed that directly into the frosting is the most delicious and tongue tingling choice. So a massive thank you to the Jacovides family for your awe inspiring choice.

We got our new filling choices added to the website so now alongside our 4 regulars you'll be umming and arghing over the new creamy white chocolate buttercream and sharp fresh raspberries or the fabulously indulgent bitter chocolate and berries.

More choices more reason to eat more cake, and just to tempt you that extra little bit more the first order through the website of one of our new fillings get a 10% discount, we are just to nice sometimes!

We had some interesting orders this week.

 I myself thoroughly enjoyed planning out 1920's themed cupcakes, oh and then going shopping for feathers SO much fun.

We had a request for a cake depicting a Tudor knot garden, the gentlemen had a picture in mind and so for him we printed the image onto sugar paper and mounted it onto the cake.

However this left Vincenzo feeling a little creative and so the one slow afternoon we had he produced his own version of a Tudor knot garden, I think they both look pretty tasty, what do you prefer.

We added some cakes to the website and there is plenty more to come so keep taking a look, the first person to get in touch and correctly tell us the new additions may just win themselves a few slices of loveliness delivered to there office one boring afternoon.
Hope your all well and had a great bank holiday weekend as always get in touch with any comments or requests we love hearing from you all.
Have a great week from us all here at the FCC kitchen
Nicola Quigley

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

While I was Away....

Hello all I have returned from the luscious sun to drizzly London but the warm glow was re ignited when I discovered all the fun Vincenzo had been having playing around with Bigne, Italian for bite sized they are the small choux bun pastry balls that generally make up Profiterole towers.

However if you have enough left over and leave them near vincenzo along with melted chocolate, cream and Cherry's you get this.

The great news is this will soon be added to our website for ease of purchasing, I can see a new top seller coming our way.

In the same session he also produced this cake made up of Bigne's, do you think its another website winner?


We produced a cake for a Lady's leaving party today, off around the world am extremely Jealous. Originally a bit confused on what to do she had asked for a blue cake with white writing to say 'Au revoir St. Luke's' However as the cake is quite large (14") I was a little concerned it would be quite plain so we discussed it through and this is the final result.

We have also made the cupcakes for our competition winner today and I can finally reveal what we went for, I think you would all agree that its a winning idea, cannot believe I hadn't thought of it myself.

Adam Jacovides via his wife Kerrie Jacovides submitted the idea of space dust, why of course genius I know. We have produced 12 cupcakes for them. Some have the space dust mixed into the icing the others have sprinkled over the top and we will let the lucky winners chomp their way through them and decide which works best.

Hope you are well and not being brought down by the weather to much, I find a hot coffee and chocolate croissant normally chase the blues into submission.

Have a great day all from us here at the FCC Kitchen.
Nicola Quigley

Monday, 8 August 2011


This week saw Vincenzo going through punnet after punnet of fresh fruit, It seems Englands warm weather got everybody craving a fruity sweet treat last week.

This delisious creation was baked for a  Lady's daughter baptism. 

These are a few of our other delisious treats fromk this week.

Our much loved Deco Tube and Mixed berry classic.

White Chocolate deco tube and Bitter Chocolate butter-dream!

Thank You for taking a look and being such great supporter of the blog, Thanks to all our new followers our monthly readership has increased from 2,000 to a regular 11,000 so thank you all for sharing the blog around and talking up family cakes.

Have a great week all I'm off to grab myself some sun will be sure to let you know if I taste or see any gorgeous cakes out there, although I fear most will pale in significance to the above.

Nicola Quigley

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

White Chocolate, Redcurrents and Pooch's!

So with half the team off sunning themselves last week it was left to those sulky few who remained to run the show, and what a show it was we had baby shower cupcakes galore, a cake to let someone know they were on fire an 8" inch fruity number to go with the cupcakes, a cake with Yorkshire dogs on, our beautiful white chocolate wedding cake and oh the list it goes on and on.

But enough with the woe betide me story lets look at some deliciousness and lets start with the Pooch's. Remember the House of Cake, I know pretty hard to forget, well the same gentlemen who commissioned that got back in touch. Yorkshire terriers tell me what you can do he said, Marzipan.

Ana ever the perfectionist made 3 dogs which all got screwed up and chucked away before mine and Vincenzo teary eyes along with screams of 'they looked great' but not great enough for Ana. Finally she made these!

 Which when added to Vincenzo luscious cake ended up looking like this.

What do you think, I am wholeheartedly impressed as pooch usual, sorry bad Dad joke!

So at the same time as we were building our pooch's we had a luscious 6 tier white chocolate and red current wedding cake to get ready. With a glass vase break in the middle and to be delivered to Cobham for 4 on a Friday we had our work cut out for us. But in true Family Cakes style with the A-team theme tune playing in my head some hard work and late nights we also made this. Get a tissue ready this one is so dreamy you are going to get a tear in your eye.

Totally Gorgeous and totally edible too, was so annoyed to walk away before the cutting.

Hope you have all enjoyed this weeks lusciousness get in touch and let us know your thoughts, a very tasty week to you all from us here at The Family Cake Company.

Nicola Quigley