Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Banana Bread Recipe You'll go, well...Bananas for

Since I'm in the mood for sharing my favourite recipes this week, & since this is my most baked cake.. so simple & so gratifying because you don't even need to plug in the mixer..

& what you're rewarded with is the most deliciously warming & comforting banana bread, which if I'm honest is far less like a bread & more like a cake. I like to add some sultanas to the mix which adds a real stickiness to the cake..

OK, spread it with butter & it's a bread, eat it nude & it's definitely a cake. This is a firm favourite here in the office, it's a Monday morning tradition as is the Sunday afternoon bake off..

I hope you like it:

75g softened unsalted butter
plus a bit extra for greasing

4 mashed ripe bananas

200g soft brown sugar

1 beaten egg

1 teaspoon bicarb soda

A pinch of salt

170g of flour (I always use wholemeal or spelt) by if you prefer white, that's fine.

Half a handful of sultanas or chocolate chips

Mix the bananas, butter, sugar, egg together in a large bowl

Add the flour, salt, bicarb & sultanas (or choc chips)

Mix together

Pour into a greased and lined standard size loaf tin.

Sprinkle a bit more brown sugar over the top of the cake mix just before putting it in the oven,
this will create a lovely fudgy, sugary crust

Bake for 1 hour 180 degrees
or Gas mark 4


Monday, 20 February 2012

Victoria Sponge. But not as we know it.

Now that January & most of February are well and truly out of the way & there is no more talk of abstinence, wagon, or festive overload we can get down to the proper business of cake making & baking once again..

The feeling here at Family Cakes this month is all traditional & perfecting classic, everyone's favourite cake flavours & recipes.

One.. of my all time ultimate treats has got to be a Victoria sponge.  The clue to the cake's history is in the name..

A cake created in the late 1800's because of the sinking feeling / hunger pangs experienced by some of Queen Victoria's household.. before long tea time became a favourite time of day & the little cakes often served at the great queen's tea parties evolved into the Victoria sponge that we ourselves have grown to love since childhood here in the UK.

There are so many versions of Victoria sponge.  I personally like mine with a very light sponge, a generous layer of buttercream & plenty of the best quality raspberry jam available.  If I'm feeling fruity & want to impress, I like to add some fresh raspberries to the filling just before putting the top sponge on.
I know the majority like whipped cream & strawberry jam, but each to her own.

I now know that real Victoria sponge purists would be appalled by this ... Can the real Victoria sponge please stand up...

I thought that for a change rather than give you one of our recipes I'd share the version created by another of my favourites.. the wonderful Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of the River Cottage all the way down South.. His recipe is very proper & traditional, as it should be....

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What cake Whos Cake really a cake!

When is a cake not a cake????

I'll tell you when.. 

A cake is not a cake when it's a billowy pornographic mountain of fudgy chocolate delight filled with unctuous vanilla cream cheese & literally slathered with thick jammy morello cherries.

As if this was already not enough of a not cake (are you keeping up?) it's crowning glory is a very princely layer of chocolate frosting topped with embarrassingly sweet strawberries..
shameful infact.  Out & out rude!

Imagine a slice of this cake... on a plate... with a fork...and a dribble of cream...

Now that IS rude !

Friday Friday where for art thou??.....

I know it's not actually Friday..

Well it will be the day after tomorrow ..

We all probably agree that Friday is THE best day of the week.  Every Friday is like a mini Christmas Eve, minus the shopping hell & last minute present wrapping...

Friday's are just.. dreamy, full of hope & anticipation for the delights that the weekend will bring.
Everyone knows that magic can ACTUALLY happen on a Friday.. this is not even a remote possibility on any other day of the week.. People smile & even laugh on a Friday, we treat ourselves & others on a Friday..

Our boss made us this lovely cake last Friday, for no other reason than he obviously owes every ounce of his success to the hours of toil & titillation we spend working for him every day of the long long working week..

More cakes for us here in the office please boss man !

Jammy Dodgers!!

Say I love you with a jammy dodger ..

Why ?

Because, the shortbread is full of butter & melts on the tongue (racy)
The jam is sweet & sticky & will give you a delicious sugar rush (see where we're going with this?)

... OK.. so it's a biscuit shaped like a heart with jam in the middle.. but it is very yummy & very romantic ... I'm secretly hoping that a certain someone will be leaving one on MY desk next Tuesday morning..

Friday, 3 February 2012

Yes well I LOVE YOU!!!

No prizes for guess what this weeks blog is about!

Yes its that tine of year when there is love in the air at the bakery, Vincenzo has been making eyes at me all day. Oh no missus! There are Biscuit hearts, there are chocolates, cup cakes with persnalised messages  there are well all sorts to make your loved one happy!

If you are like this chap here and are not sure what to send drop me a line I have a myriad of different things to suit all tastes. Even if you are looking for something a little shall we say Adult?

Ali Khan! or Web Desiner to the Stars!!

In other news this week, we are having a few dificulties with our website, some of the images online are not showing up. This for some reason that only our very own Aly chief web desiner to the stars, err well me, can explain or dare I say it fix!

Next week we shall have loads more images of our Valentine products keep looking for inspiration!!