Friday, 12 October 2012

Halloween but perhaps not as were used to......

The flickering of Candle Light, the screams echo through the Kitchen which now has turned magically into a Dungeon. The dark forces of Count Vincenzo and Mistress Witch Anna, along with their henchmen and woman Hubbling and Bubbling with a touch of toil and troubling are turning out Halloween cakes to change the world from light to cakeiness....

Mistress Witch Anna and Count Vincenzo

I enter this domain of mysterious arts, hoping to catch a glimpse of the flirt with the dark forces, perhaps even to sample a bikkie or two. A voice booms out; and I scurry away for fear of disturbing the Count in his ministrations.  

Chocolate Pumpkins; Evil cake pops; Witches biscuits; Cup Cakes of the Dammed and much much more  have been and will continue to flow from this bastion of evil. To take part and have your very own Dungeon click 

Or even should you wish a personalised piece from the Count and Mistress Witch call us and we shall conjure the spell! But be quick our Count and Witch may only last a short while.....
 0207619 7793

In the meantime anyone for blood juice!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween Ghosts Ghouls and err CAKE!!

 Our army of Ghosts Spiders, Witches and Pumpkins How could we fail!

Our Army is ready, we are ready! We are going to take over the world this Halloween one cake at a time!!
As usual lots of fun is being had here at the FCC! we have been busy with a new line of products for Halloween. Don't miss it! Vincenzo and Anna arit is safe to say POSESSED. They have been working noon and night and have only stopped for the occasional drink of BLOOD...........

More Pictures of them as their true Zombie's selves will be posted on Face-book the closer we get to the 31st....If you see them in the street cross the road who knows what might Happen!

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