Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Intern John!

Hello fellow lovers of delectable cakes, my name is John and I am the new intern at Family Cake company. I think I have a creative bone somewhere deep down in my body so I will try to harness it for this blog, bear with me. I am from the frozen tundra of Minnesota and worked in a kitchen the past 3 summers so the hustle, bustle and yelling makes me feel right at home. I go to St. John's University in Minnesota and I am studying Global Business so it is fun for me to be able to learn about business in another country while being here. I have been in London since September so I am ready  for the new challenge that Family Cakes has presented me with. My first day has been confusing and has had my mind in a pretzel at times. Nonetheless, I can tell I'm going to like working at Family Cakes and Daniel a lot, his humor is right up my alley. I am excited to get to work here for the next 7 weeks and hopefully will be able to eat a cake or two!

Check me out in this hair net,


Monday, 14 October 2013

Chocolate Anyone??

So the theme of this week's Blog is err CHOCOLATE!

I received an email from one of our many suppliers about this week being Chocolate week....What a fantastic idea and excuse to eat Chocolate!! So off I go and eat three dark Chocolate Florentines, Yummy.....

Vincenzo came into the office during my binge and asked what I was doing? Chocolate I mumble, This week is chocolate week. Flakes of chocolate and almond float out of my mouth.  A quizzical looking Vincenzo walked out .Two hours later I was presented with the above cake, by a now beaming Vinnie!

 Chocolate Stars cover what is a very chocolaty filling of bitter chocolate butter-cream, raspberries and Chocolate Sponge...Is there no end to chocolate! A question pops into my head. If I eat a slice of this is it too much after three Florentines.... The dilemma is set, answers on a postcard or email to me please. The first person to come up with a good excuse wins one of these creations and oh what can we call it??

Wow I think chocolate week has started on a high!! Or is it just me that is?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oh my!! Where has the time and the Summer gone?

Yes, I know , I know I can't believe it either the Summer has gone. It's been far too Long since I posted

Well what's been going on with us?  Fairy Dust and fantasy.... Weddings galore, fun and lots of Sweet things... See for yourself below!

Anna and Vincenzo have been up to their old tricks and the results are quite good if I do say so myself...But don't tell them that!

Its also now official we have a new team member. Louise  has joined our fold. For better or worse richer or Poorer she is right here in the flesh I promise you! so far she has be toiling away at some new recipies for us...: Carrot Cake; Chocolate and Yoghurt cake; Apple and Walnut Cake; Banana Cake and a new take on Florentines are all the rage here right now.

What's next Lundi??? oops I think she has fallen asleep must have been all that hard work earlier!
anyhow Till next time folks.. It won't be too long Errrr Promise.....