Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oh my!! Where has the time and the Summer gone?

Yes, I know , I know I can't believe it either the Summer has gone. It's been far too Long since I posted

Well what's been going on with us?  Fairy Dust and fantasy.... Weddings galore, fun and lots of Sweet things... See for yourself below!

Anna and Vincenzo have been up to their old tricks and the results are quite good if I do say so myself...But don't tell them that!

Its also now official we have a new team member. Louise  has joined our fold. For better or worse richer or Poorer she is right here in the flesh I promise you! so far she has be toiling away at some new recipies for us...: Carrot Cake; Chocolate and Yoghurt cake; Apple and Walnut Cake; Banana Cake and a new take on Florentines are all the rage here right now.

What's next Lundi??? oops I think she has fallen asleep must have been all that hard work earlier!
anyhow Till next time folks.. It won't be too long Errrr Promise.....

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