Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Snails..Bails Hails and who??

Do you like our Barbershop quintent of marzipan snails... scroll down to see who they're singing to..

Festive Cup Cakes and Who is it I work With??

Look how cute & festive.. our holly & berry cup cakes, made with really buttery sugary buttercream... a lovely alternative to a mince pie perhaps?

We will be producing these until Christmas Eve if you fancy some for the office or to take home or to a pardeee????  It is the pardee season after all..

On the subject of parties, Vincenzo came up with these simply show stopping celebration cakes which are perfect birthday cakes for this time of year, dark, 'sensuous!!!!!' shimmering with gold.... & delicious too !

 What more could a girl or boy hope for in a birthday cake .... well quite a lot actually.  A bit of Brad Pitt wth a kettle in one hand and a red rose in the other would go down a treat with a slice of this on a cold damp Wednesday....

... 123 I'm back in the room...

This is who I work with... no kettle, no rose no Brad