Monday, 6 July 2015

Bastille Day



I'm William, the new French intern at the Family Cake in the Marketing. This is my first blog.

Coming soon on 14th July 2015 Bastille Day in France.

Celebrated on July, 14, Bastille Day is French national day and the most important bank holyday in France. the 14th July has become a major public Holiday, traditionally considered as the symbol of the french révolution.

The French Bastille day is definitely a joyous nationnal day that brings many celebrations in the street as well as political events. The best way to enjoy  the 14 july Bank Holiday - widely known as le 14 juillet - is to go to Paris, More precisely on the Champs Elyssé. Expect military parades,  public speeches and fireworks, but also jovial gatherings in all cafés and restaurants

Military parade on Champs Elyssé.
 A cake to match
A Plane in the sky.
Make a plane with the Family cake.
Are you up for the Challenge ?
Yes, we think so 

Every single town in France actually commemorates the Bastille Day with excitement and pride as your ational day. on July,14, many french people wear blue, white and red, "tricolor" clothes or make-up and sing the typical" La marseillaise".

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Perfect cake to celebrate 14th July
it means a great stenght for us. Imagine eating this and enjoy
" Vive La France"
" Paris est magique"
See you Soon.
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by William