Monday, 14 October 2013

Chocolate Anyone??

So the theme of this week's Blog is err CHOCOLATE!

I received an email from one of our many suppliers about this week being Chocolate week....What a fantastic idea and excuse to eat Chocolate!! So off I go and eat three dark Chocolate Florentines, Yummy.....

Vincenzo came into the office during my binge and asked what I was doing? Chocolate I mumble, This week is chocolate week. Flakes of chocolate and almond float out of my mouth.  A quizzical looking Vincenzo walked out .Two hours later I was presented with the above cake, by a now beaming Vinnie!

 Chocolate Stars cover what is a very chocolaty filling of bitter chocolate butter-cream, raspberries and Chocolate Sponge...Is there no end to chocolate! A question pops into my head. If I eat a slice of this is it too much after three Florentines.... The dilemma is set, answers on a postcard or email to me please. The first person to come up with a good excuse wins one of these creations and oh what can we call it??

Wow I think chocolate week has started on a high!! Or is it just me that is?

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