Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Banana Bread Recipe You'll go, well...Bananas for

Since I'm in the mood for sharing my favourite recipes this week, & since this is my most baked cake.. so simple & so gratifying because you don't even need to plug in the mixer..

& what you're rewarded with is the most deliciously warming & comforting banana bread, which if I'm honest is far less like a bread & more like a cake. I like to add some sultanas to the mix which adds a real stickiness to the cake..

OK, spread it with butter & it's a bread, eat it nude & it's definitely a cake. This is a firm favourite here in the office, it's a Monday morning tradition as is the Sunday afternoon bake off..

I hope you like it:

75g softened unsalted butter
plus a bit extra for greasing

4 mashed ripe bananas

200g soft brown sugar

1 beaten egg

1 teaspoon bicarb soda

A pinch of salt

170g of flour (I always use wholemeal or spelt) by if you prefer white, that's fine.

Half a handful of sultanas or chocolate chips

Mix the bananas, butter, sugar, egg together in a large bowl

Add the flour, salt, bicarb & sultanas (or choc chips)

Mix together

Pour into a greased and lined standard size loaf tin.

Sprinkle a bit more brown sugar over the top of the cake mix just before putting it in the oven,
this will create a lovely fudgy, sugary crust

Bake for 1 hour 180 degrees
or Gas mark 4


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