Monday, 20 February 2012

Victoria Sponge. But not as we know it.

Now that January & most of February are well and truly out of the way & there is no more talk of abstinence, wagon, or festive overload we can get down to the proper business of cake making & baking once again..

The feeling here at Family Cakes this month is all traditional & perfecting classic, everyone's favourite cake flavours & recipes.

One.. of my all time ultimate treats has got to be a Victoria sponge.  The clue to the cake's history is in the name..

A cake created in the late 1800's because of the sinking feeling / hunger pangs experienced by some of Queen Victoria's household.. before long tea time became a favourite time of day & the little cakes often served at the great queen's tea parties evolved into the Victoria sponge that we ourselves have grown to love since childhood here in the UK.

There are so many versions of Victoria sponge.  I personally like mine with a very light sponge, a generous layer of buttercream & plenty of the best quality raspberry jam available.  If I'm feeling fruity & want to impress, I like to add some fresh raspberries to the filling just before putting the top sponge on.
I know the majority like whipped cream & strawberry jam, but each to her own.

I now know that real Victoria sponge purists would be appalled by this ... Can the real Victoria sponge please stand up...

I thought that for a change rather than give you one of our recipes I'd share the version created by another of my favourites.. the wonderful Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of the River Cottage all the way down South.. His recipe is very proper & traditional, as it should be....

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