Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Another New Intern!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Qing Zhao and I am the new intern for the Family Cakes Company!  As you can probably tell form my strange name, I am very foreign (my friends call me that, I take it as compliment) I am originally from China, but now currently live in the United States as a student at the American University in Washington, DC. I could not be more thrilled about having the opportunity to both study and work here in London this semester! Though English may not be my first language, I have learned a lot since beginning college in the United States, but you may have to bare with me since I am not 100% fluent just yet (especially in my writing, but trust me I am working on it!).

I am now halfway through my study abroad experience here in London, and I have honestly come to grow and love this city so much! What makes my study abroad experience so wonderful is now having the opportunity to work and increase my knowledge about business, which is my major at school! Of course working in a cake company does have its perks, especially since all I smell is the delicious scent of cakes and frosting all day (and I am even getting hungry just thinking about it!) I am excited and eager to learn and am so thrilled to have this amazing opportunity!
My job at The Family Cakes Company is to run all of our social media pages, so if there is anything you like to see posted on our blog or other social media pages, do not hesitate to comment below!

Happy Eating,

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