Friday, 4 February 2011

So I made it to the end of my first week and what a weeks its been. I've done taste test's (poor thigh's) learnt a million names and started planning a lovely young ladies wedding cake. I met with The bride to be on Tuesday and started to discuss our ideas and colour themes a gorgeous Merlot and Ivory cake is to be created but the dramatic twist is this 50; thats 5 and an 0 my friends individual squared cakes; placed into individual plastic boxes individually decorated with a 10" top tier for cutting, oh my! First wedding cake to plan and this is what I set myself up for.

So Wednesday saw me trawling the web with vigour. Shiny black boxes aplenty, gold and red cardboards boxes no no no, if I'm decorating 50 individual 3" cakes they are going to be seen god damn it!!!

But alas I found perfection awaiting me perfect little tiny boxes with gorgeous gold motifs on the bottom oh the joy and then the crash.....I need a stand that holds 50 individual boxes and a squared cake weighing 1.5k oh boy!!!! So I will keep you updated as this process unfolds and you'll get to the see the finished long as we make it fingers crossed!!!!
A good weekend end to you all and one last tip for a gorgeous Sunday breakfast: Pancakes strawberries kiwi fruits, a maple syrup drenching and the best bit gorgeous crispy streaky bacon rashers....don't be scared its amazing!!!!!

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  1. I like how you make these blogs so personal, you're even willing to show your mistakes!! And how you corrected them etc. I'm totally new to blogging, but if this is what they are like, then I feel I've been missing out!! Keep it up! Am looking forward to how this cake turns out, hope there will be pics?!! Bx