Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Happy Valentines All.

So its all fluttery hearts and red icing in the bakery at the moment, most of you haven't even booked your restaurant tables but we've been planning for Valentine's Day for two weeks already. We've a myriad of specials; cupcakes with glittery hearts, heart shaped jammy dodgers and my favorite cherry filled sweet heart tarts are so deliciously tart and crumbly.

Today we were putting together the finishing touches for our individual heart shaped sponge cakes and I got to help.

The cakes had been made, filled and shaped the day before and sat in refrigeration overnight to help solidify the sponge cakes ready for covering Anna then rolled out the red marzipan to an inch thickness and smoothed it over the cakes, I then cut carefully around the edges and scalloped them with a tiny shell shaped tool; then we got to add some bears.

Anna started by making a long oblong sausage out of brown marzipan checking this against the height of the cake (Godzilla sized bear floating hauntingly over a heart shaped cake is NOT cute)

She then takes four much smaller pieces and rolls them into sausage shapes with tapered ends, these are our cute chubby legs and arms.

A large round ball gives us a head, to make sure it sits right Anna made a dip in the neck of the body for the head to sit into.

Then taking light pink marzipan she squashes this into a small flat circle roughly the size of a 5p this gets added to our head shaped ball to make the face, with a small tool she makes indentures to form the mouth, nose and eyes.

A slightly darker pink and yet more indentures give us the soles of the feet and hands.

Yes I'm very cute and made of 40g of marzipan!


Lots of glitter, piped icing and individually wrapped bows give us a perfect gift for your love!

And while the girls were busy doing all the hard work Vincenzo knocked out these little beauties!!!

All of our valentine specials are on display and available for eating from our Eataly restaurant in Kingsway! 
Nicola Quigley

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  1. Thanx for explaining in such detail how to make Marzipan Bears, that are really cute!! Might need this for Daughters future Birthday cakes!! Loving these Blogs! Oh and of course the yummy cakes! Bx