Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Raising a Baker: My first of day of Yumminess!!

So I have been chosen for this dream opportunity: Join our team the advert screamed at me learn how to make and decorate professional cakes in return for a small amount of admin, the little creative soul inside trapped in waitressing screamed up at me; go for it, and here I am on my first day.

I'm sitting here getting to grips with my new office and already planning the refurb chintz darlings chintz, every time the office door opens  a delicious smell of buttercream and freshly baked cakes wafts through to tempt my belly but I must hold back something tells me this job could get bad for my waistline.
Give me some eggs and a whisk; Easy!!!

I hope to be learning lots and would love to take you on the journey with me as I learn new skills I will pass them on through this blog and we can all become better bakers and cake decorators together. But on this occasion with the limited experience I have being a keen home baker is this: as long as theirs a ton of love and sugar in the mix it'll always taste great.

Chat to you all in a couple of days

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