Tuesday, 7 April 2015


We hope that everyone had a wonderful and EGGcellent long Easter weekend! See what I did there? I hope so. BUT! Now that Easter is over and done with we look forward to the rest of the year! It's finally starting to feel like Spring out there these last couple of days and we hope that all of you are taking advantage of the nice weather. Oh! I have an idea! A picnic! It's finally picnic season and do you know what goes good with picnics? Well, yes, champagne would be great.... but no, I was talking about CAKE!

 What kind of picnic doesn't end with a delicious dessert?? The answer is no kind of picnic. Just make sure not to only pack cake, though we wouldn't blame you if you did. 

We do suggest a stroll through one of the many parks here in London over the next few weeks. The trees are blooming with flowers, the smell of Spring is in the air, and yes, the squirrels are back. Missed those buggers... Now is a wonderful opportunity to take it all in, and maybe have a moment of zen. This week has blessed us with a nice break from the harsh Winter of 2k15. 

From Family Cakes we wish you a great day and hope you look forward to a beautiful Spring.

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