Monday, 27 April 2015

Another One...

Good morning everyone! My name is Anouk Segers and I will be taking over the Family Cake Company blog till the end of June. So you are stuck with me for a while.

So a bit about me, I’m 19 years of age, I was born on a little island called Aruba, lived there for 14 years. Aruba is everything you would want for your ideal vacation, white sandy beaches, beautiful blue ocean, and its always nice weather. People call me crazy for leaving “paradise” but after a few years it gets (believe it or not) a bit boring. I was ready for a change (as well as the fact that the educational system wasn’t that great in Aruba at the time) and then I moved to the Netherlands (no not Amsterdam). I moved to the “beautiful” city called Eindhoven, where Philips was founded. Actually our football team just won the national competition, so proud. Finished off my secondary education there and now I’m doing my second year of International Business and Management Studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. They make you do a 6-month internship in a foreign country so that is how I ended up here.

I really love London, it’s a great city and so different from any other city I have ever lived in. Everyone is always busy and you can really notice the fact that 8.3 million people live here, which is like half of the entire population of the Netherlands. Once you do all of the touristy things you start to feel like a real Londoner, even though I’m not really, I like to pretend I am and get annoyed by all the tourists in the underground hehe.

Anyway enough about me, I’m looking forward to gaining more experience at the Family Cake Company, on my first day I got a nice image of the company and the people in it. I will be continuing on where the previous intern left off so no need to worry!

Speak soon!

Anouk Segers

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