Wednesday, 25 June 2014

7 Different Types of World Cup fans you'll probably encounter

The World Cup is a time where nations come together as one to enjoy the world's most popular game. As the tournament has progressed it has become clear that there are a variety of fans who choose to show their support in many different ways...

1. The Patriot

These fans can always been seen going to extremes to show their support. You'll often see them carrying around an England backpack or rubbing the remaining flag paint off of their faces on the tube. For the next month this fan lives and breathes football and will not accept elimination. This is also often the most fun type of fan to be around... unless their team loses.  (Jumping out of plane not recommended, but serious respect for that guy)

2. The surprise fan

We all know this one. The one who, once the World Cup comes around, suddenly takes an extreme interest in football and everything about it.  Sure even if you aren't a football fan you can still love the Cup, but this fan suddenly becomes the know it all of the group and starts to wear a jersey under all of his clothes.  They can usually be found with a group of friends who are saying something along the lines of "since when have you liked football?"

3. The Realist

There's always a Debbie downer in the group who just has to shoot down even the possibility of a World Cup title. They have no chance, why are you getting your hopes up blah blah blah.  Definitely a bitter fan to be around, and if you talk to them long enough you'll get wrapped up in it too. 

4. The die-hard
You can always count on a group of fans taking their spirit too far. Their undying love of the game causes something inside them to crack and they quickly become a pack wild animals out for blood.  While we respect the dedication, we strongly suggest staying away from these trouble makers, unless you want to get a good story out of it. 

5. The "offsider"

This is the guy who may know a lot about the players, but really doesn't understand the actual rules. Even if the ball is no where near anyone, this guy is probably yelling "OFFSIDES!" at the ref.  You'll probably run into this fan in your local pub, but if you don't then it's probably you...

6.  The ones who cheer for Brazil

It's inevitable.  No matter where you are in the world there are always going to be fans of the host nation who probably have never even been to Brazil and will pretend they're watching Pele play. The Brazilian fan base will only grow as more countries get knocked out of the tournament, but people still want a team to cheer for.  

7.  The Psychic/ Game Predictor 

This fan is in it to win it.  They place bets on every game and are convinced that they know exactly how the stars will align to maximize their profits.  They're all business and because of the high stakes they become all of the types of fans listed above throughout the period of one game.  It's an emotional roller coaster as you watch the fate of your paycheck, but this fan is entertaining to say the least.   

Whatever type of fan you are, or if you aren't one at all, the World Cup is a great excuse to watch some good football and host a party.  Keep an eye out for the different types of fans you encounter and comment below to let us know what kind of fan you are!

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