Thursday, 28 November 2013

Language Barrier, Not a Cake Barrier

This morning, I walked into the kitchen, and Vincenzo asked me how the cake I took home Friday was. Naturally, I began spewing on about how delicious it was and how my roommates and I devoured it the same night I brought it home. Well, after 4 WEEKS here, Vincenzo FINALLY decided to tell me that my American accent was too strong to understand and that I needed to talk slower because he always has to guess what I’m saying. It’s funny because I think my accent is easier to understand than his HEAVY Sicilian accent. 

We may speak in different accents, but Vincenzo and I definitely speak the same language when it comes to cakes, the fruit cheesecake he made for me Friday makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Vincenzo and Anna have been hard at work on a variety of projects for both Christmas and custom cake orders. One of the more intricate cakes has a Christmas theme; Anna and Vincenzo have gone from doing simple ginger bread cookies to a whole ginger bread cake. Here it is pictured below.

Our next blog will be a sneak peek of how Anna goes about baking her Christmas goodies! In the mean time from all of us here at Family Cake Company, we wish you all a holly beginning to your Christmas Season.

Intern John

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