Friday, 15 November 2013

It's Opposite Day Folks!!

Today was a day of opposites here at The Family Cake Company. While Anna was hard at work constructing her Monster High themed birthday cake for Alexandra’s 6th birthday, Vincenzo was working at the speed of light preparing a cake for the birthday of Portsmouth F.C. striker Ryan Bird. 

Have a look at the simultaneous progress of Anna and Vincenzo as they design the two opposite cakes.


While Anna quietly worked, Vincenzo was bantering on about how Portsmouth F.C. was crummy at football and how his favorite team was so much better; it was quite hilarious if you ask me.

Anna and Vincenzo diligently focus on the details that go into their cakes, Anna also made a set of cupcakes to go with the Monster High themed cake.


Let us know which cake you like better, don’t worry guys we won’t you judge if you choose the pink cake.

As for me, Anna and Vincenzo offered to bake me a chocolate cake to take home for the weekend. I tried to prevent my eyes from becoming wide and my tongue from watering while I responded but it was to no avail. Chocolate is my weakness so I am uber-excited to be taking home a chocolate mousse cake and I’m sure my roommates will be too.

Make sure to continue to follow along with our blog this Christmas season to hear about all the commotion going on in our kitchen and also be inspired by some recipes of our own!!

Cheers and happy opposite day,    


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