Monday, 2 July 2012

Going Behind the Scenes

After my first week and a half here at Family Cakes I realized that baking cakes isn’t as easy as the food network says, but a tedious process. This is especially true today when Ana began the painstaking long process of baking 20 Decotube and Mixed Berry cakes for an order! First Ana had to bake 60, 4 inch sponge cakes which by itself takes a great deal of time. Once the sponge cakes were finished baking Ana immediately cut out the shape of each cake placed them in the fridge to set.

After the sponge cakes set, Ana then begin to make the 20 Decotube and Mixed Berry cakes. She first started by stacking 3 sponge cakes on top of each other with a layer cream between each cake. Butter cream was then spread around the three sponge cakes in order to stick chocolate pencils around the outside of the cake. Ana continued this process until all the 20 Decotube and Mixed Berry cakes are made. Surely I thought she was done at this point!!...... but I was wrong. The cakes still needed to be decorated with fresh fruit and the 4 inch plaques that are personalized for the customer.

In the future before you are about to dive into a delicious cake, take a moment to remember the hard work that someone put into baking your cake!!


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