Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Birthday Story

All the birthday cakes that have been prepared over the last week got me thinking about the origins of the birthday cakes. After a bit of research I found that scholars can’t agree on who the first civilization to bake birthday cakes. Some believe that the Ancient Romans and Greeks were the first to practice this tradition when they would celebrate special birthdays or give them as gifts to the gods. Unlike today’s cakes, the Ancient Greeks' cakes did not have sugar as a sweetener, but instead used honey and nuts. Other scholars believed that the origins of birthday cakes originated with the Germans in the middle ages. Despite the mysterious past the making of the traditional birthday cake has evolved. The elaborate ones that we are more familiar with emerged in the 17th century, and are continuing to evolve today! Chefs are taking the birthday cake one step further by adding sculptures or pictures of their customers’ favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, or even the customer’s face photo shopped into different bodies or objects.

Keep the odd requests coming! I’m interested to what what the kitchen can make next!! 

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