Friday, 11 November 2011

Have you got a Sonic Screwdriver

Dear Dr.Who.. & your good lady Amy, or is it Rose, or Donna... sorry can't keep up with the good Dr's lady friends..

Can I interest you in a brand new Tardis?  You've had yours for quite some time now..
Ours is made purley of sugar, marzipan & a couple of other things of which are of absolutely no taste at all to Darleks, Sybermen, Weeping Angels, Ice Worriors or Autons...

This Tardis is yet another of Anna & Vincenzo's amazing creations.  We made this with almost no notice, it was a real challenge but we are so thrilled with the result.  The perfect cake for all DR Who buffs..  If you need a birthday cake for a friend or a loved one throw us a challenge of their favourite film, hobby or TV show & see what Daniel can come up with for Anna & Vincenzo to create.
PS, the actual cakey bit of this cake, which is of course of equal importance to the design.. cakes are not only for looking at after all... was a light vanilla sponge with home made buttercream & a thick raspberry jam

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