Monday, 6 June 2011

Build me a house....out of cake!

OK we said; let's make it happen and the towering inferno begun....or what it affectionately became known as amongst the office staff as the buttery creamy spongey tower of tastiness was carted off to the big fridge for quick blasts of frozen air so Anna could continue working on it, what fun. But before I show the beautiful beast that is 91 Highbury Hill here's what it looks like on the inside.

We knew this was going to be a very heavy load from the off, lots of Marzipan covering and detailing meant before butter cream and sponge the cake would be a few pounds already. So to avoid the slide of doom onto our recipient Anna actually built 3 seperate sponges with coloumn inserts running through to hold up the next layer.

Its hard to see the house amongst the sponge at this point but its getting there promise.

Next Anna covered the whole thing in lashings of luscious apricot jam and buttercream to help all the marzipan stick, it looks like fun but really really isn't. Once we had a white buttercream tower (this is when the towering inferno reference started kicking in) we had to keep taking it for short bursts of cold hair to keep it from sliding as anna attached the marzipan brick work below, unfortunately for Anna our brick pattern rrolling mould had not arrived in time and so every line you see is hand measured and pressed by Anna.

It was very hard not to grab a spoon and start eating from the top downwards at this point, a fear of anna stopped me in my tracks and the finals pieces got added, slate roof again marked by hand due to a lack of mould delivery, individually made windows and a sugar paste road sign. I think Anna done a fabulous job lets us know what you think!

Nicola Quigley


  1. lovely. how did you make the pillars?

  2. Very nice! My soon to be 8 yrs old has just asked me to make a house cake for his birthday.