Thursday, 21 May 2015

Eurovision 2015

Hello all

It has begun! The first semi finals were last night. What am I talking about? Well the Eurovision song contest of course! If you have never watched Eurovision you are missing out. It is an unusual part of European culture and opinions are divided, however I personally love it! The countries go all out to stand out, with crazy costumes, props, background dancers, and the music. Sometimes in their native language, which usually sounds weird to anyone that does not speak the language, but it's mostly English. Then after everyone has had their chance to show their act, Europe votes. In the finals, the winner is decide with points. All the European countries can vote for their favourite act, except for their own. They tally up the scores and tadaa a new Eurovision song contest winner!

During the acts they have little films of the country performing next, they focus on one or multiple aspects of the country together with the singer. Then the performance starts, and speaking of performances here are some of the weirdest Eurovision contestants:

Space aliens
Ukraine 2007 - Verka Serduchka

Russia 2012 - Members of Buranovskiye Babushki

Bearded ladies
Austria 2014 - Conchita Wurst
Gay vampires
Romania 2013 - Cezar

Gnomes on unicycles
Moldova 2011 - Zdob si Zdub

Even my own country.. what were they thinking?
The Netherlands 2012 - Joan Franka

and then we have...
Finland really outdid themselves...
Finland 2006 - Lordi 

The finals are THIS Saturday! Go watch it!

Happy Eurovision,

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