Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The New Intern: Cakes' Predator

Hello cakes’ lovers and followers my name is Maria but my friends called me Betty. I am the new intern at Family Cakes Company and I am from Mexico but move to Wisconsin, the state with the most beautiful weather in the US.

I go to St. Norbert College in Wisconsin and study Global Business and Economics. I came to study in London as a “required” for my program…good excuse, is it not? I already have 2 months living in London and I love it. If I would be rich, I would love to live here for the rest of my life.

I feel that I will love my internship because I love the smell of the place and the people who work here look to be very cool. Also, I am a cakes’ lover and hopefully I can get some free cakes, but not too many because instead of climbing the stairs, I will round as a beach ball. I could eat a whole cake by myself and I consider myself as a cakes’ predator. Eating free cakes is not my only expectation, I also expect to learn transferable skills that I can use for my future career and get a better understand of the operation and management of business in London, with the help of my boss Daniel.




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