Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I Love My Mum

Mum a title just above The Queen!

Or is the word I love my Mum? Yes, I know that's three words but to all of us one word cannot sum up anything about our Mums' now can it? Mum is a simple and easy word to write and pronounce but to hard to define what they mean for us, it can take us a whole life.                        

They know everything, can cook anything, and let's face facts, can juggle more things than the world best, well... Juggler! But, how do they do this??? Probably, they have supernatural powers given to them by aliens, I guess. What could be a better answer??
Anyway, once a year it's time to celebrate Mum!! and her "superpowers." But how do we do this??? By CAKE of course!!!! This is the best way to sweeten their lives, after giving them hugs and kisses...not chocolates but real kisses.
We have been toiling away trying to find the best of the best gifts to our Mums. Well for me, it has to say Mum all over it, and whilst we can never express our full gratitude  to our Mums, it should try. I mean, the reality is that even if you were able to give your Mum an award for being the best Mum,  she may not be there to accept it because she would be doing something far more Important for you!!

Happy Mother's Day Mum..... and all Mums around the globe!!!

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