Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Whats going on in the bakery today!!

What have we been up to..............

 Another busy week for us at FCC HQ! Vincenzo after a sleepless night came to me this morning telling me that the Red Velvet Cup Cake recipe we have for a clients Birthday this week is well in his words:

" I just dont like it Dan!!"

The one on the right at the back was mine!   

What can you say to that so after an hour or so of mixing, playing and baking, a smiling Vincenzo brings me in a new recipe red Velvet Cup cake and an espresso: Bless Him!

All of this after yesterday pulling off this little number!

A forest of chcolate

 Anna has also a busy week ahead: namely making the elements to another Alice in Wonderland creation. This time however we have been reigned into making something a little more subtle. Subtle oh No Missus! not from the gang at the FCC!!!!

Anna's Teapot!

A cake with some flowers, love hearts and some cool trickery with our new Vanilla flavoured icing is on its way to make this cake really very well Gorgeous!!

 We also have been designing away with a large 7 cake commission from a favoured client: How will I keep up?? Design one finished and awaiting client approval: 6 more to go!!

What will I think of next??

So what's next?? Well we are developing a Coconut cheese cake as well as one with Bailey's. There is the Christmas designs and recipies to finalise..... And all that needs to be completed before the kitchen and all of us transform into Witches for Halloween. Incidentally My next blog is all about the army of Witches, ghosts, spiders and Pumpkins we are building to take over the WORLD!

Most definitely a case of watch this space: Have a great week all!!

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