Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Christmas Surely not!

Well September is here already! Vincenzo came into my office this morning all a flush and excited. As I looked up: he is over 6 feet tall! His face flashing a big grin, i thought how uncharacteristic it's Monday it's 4am, no one is every this happy at this time on this day of the week!

  I have a new design for Christmas he tells me beaming from ear to ear. Then the penny dropped, September is here and we have to start work on our Christmas line. 

 I never have gotten used to this, back in the early days of Amato when we were young carefree and I personally had a lot more hair! this was explained to me by the then Head chef: for every season work at least three months in advance, that way you will be prepared for anything! Since then we have, whatever the season three months before is where we have started from.

Back to Vincenzo, who on occasion I have to reign in with his ideas! This year his plans a foot and much discussion to have over the next few weeks I am quite looking forward to Christmas. However for those of you who believe the Marketing for this occasion of all occasions spare a thought for me who has to deal with a very bright light early in the morning every September!

 Merry Christmas to all however not until December.........

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