Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Classic Zabaglione!

As much as I may love cake, there are days when cake can not take the place of my all time favorite, 
irreplaceable, stop the clock dessert. So I give you Zabaglione! 

This is the Queen of Italian puddings, but you can hear chefs all over the world running for cover. It's basically a big pain in the 'whisk' to prepare this after dinner delight & these days not easy at all to find the real Macoy!  

A la minute preparation is an absolute must.  It's not for the feint hearted, but very very worth the effort.  
My life long friend Claudia is famous for her classic version & I would like to share with you today:

Claudia's Classic Zabaglione - makes six servings (although easily adaptable for more or less)

6 Free range egg yolks (1 yolk per person)
6 tablespoons of caster sugar (1 spoon per person)
Marsala al Uovo wine to taste (you can also use Marsala which is not 'al uovo' or if you can't find any at all, medium dry sherry is a good substitute. But Marsala is definitely BEST)

Prepare a bain Marie by boiling some water in a saucepan.  You will also need a heat proof bowl large enough to sit on top of the saucepan without it touching the boiling water.
If the bowl touches the boiling water the dessert will spoil & you will have eggy, sugary, boozy disaster on your hands..

OK..while you are waiting for the water to simmer, put all six egg yolks into the bowl (off the heat) & whisk vigorously with an electric hand whisk or a balloon whisk if you have muscles!
Now add the caster sugar & continue to whisk, still off the heat.  Once the mix begins to turn pale & fluffy & by now the water should be simmering place the bowl over the simmering pan making sure that the base of the bowl is nowhere near the hot water.  It's important to keep the whisking going & be vigorous about it !! NO scrambled eggs here!

Whilst you are whisking, add a glug at a time of Marsala, this really is according to your own personal preference, all I can say is it's utterly delicious!

Continue whisking (vigorously) until the mix has doubled in size... take the zabaglione off the heat & spoon into cups, or glasses.

For a Summery twist, spoon the warm frothy mix over some ripe raspberries or even better some fragrant sliced summer peaches..the thought of this is too much for a girl typing in mid March...

How ever you like your zabaglione, eat it warm & add a sponge finger or two on the side for a bit of texture or to indulge in a bit of dipping!

Dessert a deux may never be the same again!!  Enjoy!

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