Friday, 14 October 2011

Right off the Assembly Line! The Ferrari Cake!

Hello my cake enthusiasts,

Sorry for not blogging in awhile, just been crazy here at Family Cakes. Like I promised you, here it is, the car that would cost people their left arm and right arm simply to drive, but on a cake. Yes my cake lovers, here it is, a Ferrari!

Here is just the beginning stages of the cake, Anna worked very hard on the car making sure that every detail was exact to make sure our car looked like the real thing.

Here is just the semi-finish car, waiting for the decals to put on.

Wheels and headlights are starting to take form. The car is coming to life.

Now the cake has its wheels, its headlights, its license plate, yes, I said license plate, and the ultra cool Ferrari logo.

Now its time to put this awesome looking car onto the road ready to drive.

Almost done, Anna just has to add some marzipan grass and a red little bow.

There you go folks the perfect Ferrari cake. Why go buy an actual Ferrari, when you can simply order one from us and much cheaper price. And plus I am sure you stomach will thank you in the end. Since if this cake tastes as well as it looks than, oh boy, am I jealous of our customers. Hope they enjoyed the cake.

Well till next time cake lovers, have a wonderful weekend.

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