Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A little bit of this a little bit of that....

Its a strange one for us this week in the FCC kitchen, Daniel and Vincenzo are away so its the girls running the show. We haven't quite gone as far as painting everything pink but it is alot quieter without the boys around. So I thought I would share some photo's of things we've been creating over the last few weeks that I haven't had the chance to share with you yet.

We had a toffee apple day on Friday, we only needed 13 but the toffee wouldn't come together properly (we made 3 batches in total) lovely former home economics teacher Angela came to help, We got their in the end and they looked delicious!

Our lovely Ana's partner had a birthday and the lucky fishing fan got this wonder made for him, with love of course!

We also said thank you to a regular corporate client of ours the family cake way, with cake!

We all showed off our best Gun poses and discussed our favorite Bond whilst creating this Pussy Galore cake for a lady's first anniversary in her new management post.

Vincenzo created this deliciously fruity number for a customers BBQ, I'd skip a burger to make room for a slice of this scrumptiousness!

Oh and there was biscuits

and chocolate dipped strawberries which got us covered in chocolate, not so bad really!

So as you can see its been eclectic and busy in the FCC kitchen the past couple of weeks, Hope you've enjoyed the post today thanks for taking a look and hope the interchangeable weathers not getting you down. Let us know what you liked the look of the most.

Take care from all @ FCC!

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