Friday, 1 April 2011

End of Week Deliciousness

So we have been busy this week lots of special order cakes (our favourites) so I thought I'd help that Friday feeling along with some gorgeous treats to look at!
We had a corporate request this week to create a cake for the anniversary of a very respectable company; we had to create a cake in a kids party theme that was also classy; so this was our final result, do you think we fulfilled the brief OK?

We had real fun planning this one and a lot more executing it; we tried to base the idea around the film UP! Hence the balloons flying away with the Happy Birthday message!

And did you spot our gigantic party poppers; awesome ha!

We also had a special 40th birthday 3 tier cake to arrange, no need to say anything I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Your actually getting a sneak peak at these as the cake is not due to be eaten until tomorrow but the person ordering agreed that I could publish the photos now. We are keeping it hidden in an undisclosed fridge with security to keep you all away!

And here's some cuteness to round off all this gorgeousness!

Have a great weekend everybody, eat cake and be merry!

Nicola Quigley

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