Friday, 18 March 2011

Green by any other name.......

When Irish eyes are smiling.....and boy were mine gleaming when I got a look at Anna's latest creation for an upcoming birthday special but we thought we'd release these images early to celebrate St Patricks day yesterday; did you all enjoy yourselves hows the head.

I haven't gone so far as to give you a lesson in how to create THIS particular marzipan character (we do have to keep some secrets if we are to avoid bankruptcy) but we are planning some more pictorial lessons for next week.

Vincenzo also got my taste buds standing on edge only to be disappointed when the cake was shipped off to a customer with this tasty creation its another 'I wish I could eat my computer screen special'.....

Isn't this just absolutely gorgeous.....

So what are all your plans for tonight's red nose day, well if you hadn't got anything in mind steal my idea. I have invited several portly friends to my house an have planned a cake marathon cupcakes with red marzipan noses, victoria sponge with mini red noses and other scrumptious baked goodies and will charge them to enjoy all proceeds will be donated to comic toying with the idea of charging for drinks as well but this might be going a bit to far, enjoy your weekends everybody have a scrumptious time.

Nicola Quigley

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