Friday, 14 January 2011

The Best Ever & Easiest Pavlova

I've become oh so slightly gaga about egg whites & sugar = the heavenly mallowy yumminess that is Pavlova...
What is so special about a meringue I hear you say???  Don't be fooled by the churlish almost impertinent eggy excuses the retail giants like to call.... 'meringue nests' !!!  No no no... don't do it.
Please please have a go & my easiest in the world meringue & I can promise you 1000% fantabulous results everytime.  I've become quite the specialist at WOWing everyone within my inner circle.... give it a go.. & let me know what you think:

The Best Ever Pavlova

Serves 6

4 large Free Range egg whites
200g golden caster sugar

Double cream 1 large pot.. or however much you fancy + a little bit for pouring
1 table spoon of icing sugar
Fruit of your choice: Berries in Summer.  Sweet wine or saffron poached pears in Winter + some melted chocolate for drizzling

To make:

Preheat your oven to 150 degrees

Place the egg whites in a clean dry bowl & start whisking till they reach soft peaks. Start adding the golden caster sugar in stages, all the time whisking.

Keep on whisking until the mix has reached stiff peaks, is thick & glossy & you can no longer feel the grains of sugar between your fingers if you touch it.

Lay some parchment paper onto a baking sheet & spread your meringue mix into which ever shape you like.  I favour square as it's much easier to portion out to the dribbling masses.

Bake in the oven for 1 hour.  After one hour turn the oven off & leave the oven door slightly open for about couple of hours so that it can dry & settle.  I usually make the meringue an hour before bed time then leave it over night to cool.

Before serving, whip the double cream & the icing sugar together, leaving a tiny amount of icing sugar for a final flurry of decoration.

Once the cream has reached your preferred consistency spread it over the meringue & add your prepared fruit or choice.

If you're using the cooked pears (or caramelised clementine's are delicious) melt the chocolate in the microwave & drizzle over the top of the pavlova using a large spoon.

The meringue will be billowy and mallowy and you will be very very popular !!!!!!

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