Thursday, 25 November 2010


          Christmas is the season for fruitcake. If you take notice to our Latest Creations page,  the Santa Face Cake and the Winter Wonderland Cake are both fruitcakes. My name is Carolyn and I am a recent addition to the Family Cake Company, though this is my second time working in a bakery. From what I have seen everything made in Family Cakes is about as fresh as it gets. The bakers here come in at about 4am to make everything for the day ( I know this is not a unique ritual for bakers to do but I have huge respect for anyone who gets to work earlier than 7am). However theres one thing I noticed that is almost the opposite of fresh...fruitcake.
Fruitcakes in the process

          I was writing a document involving our Christmas fruitcakes and my boss informed me that I should mention we only have a limited amount of the fruitcakes available. My immediate reaction was, "have we run out of fruit?" (stupid and improbable for a bakery, i know), obviously the answer was no. He told me that fruitcakes are like red wine, they get better with age. Apparently fruitcakes take about 10 months to make and the best ones are started in February. Unless your my Stepfather (who freezes the leftover Thanksgiving stuffing and serves it at easter) this amount of time seems questionable as far as food is concerned.

Adding the  decorations
         As it turns out, a fruitcake is much like Thanksgiving turkey, it takes a lengthy process to make it the most delicious. In short, you put all the ingredients together, make the cake, then let it sit and soak in all the favors. Then you continue to finesse it and let it mature until finally, weeks later, its ready to be eaten. You should be aware that when our cakes are in the process of maturing we wrap them and store them carefully so that when they are finally done they are as fresh as fruitcakes can get. 

         So if you are planning to purchase one of our fruitcakes (or anyone else's) thats why you should do it asap. We are not able to make new ones when the old ones are sold so thats why you should order them before they are all gone. Worse comes to worse, if you purchase one and realize you are no longer in the mood for fruitcake, you can always use it as a traditional Christmas doorstop!


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