Friday, 27 January 2012

Whats been going on this week!

Hello everyone,
This week has been one of fun and frolicking!!

Saturday saw the first time we held a master class for Baking.  We thought to try this out to keep it low key so invited some friends and relatives to try out  a Vincenzo Class!! Vinnie had been working very hard on homing in on his teaching skills and told me after that he had enjoyed it so much he wants to do it every week! 

Err ok I says but hang on I have to get the interested clients here every week, do I know that many people???

   So for any whose interested this is your teacher in action,

I will hire him out for home parties too!  just send him back to me when done , I will send a stamped addressed envelope along with him!!

 For Master classes on baking or even to come along and learn about our cake  model making, please drop me a line at 

I am looking to arrange another master class for baking in Feb!

 Also this week  we finished the headless All Blacks Rugby Player, recieved with much thanks!

I have a head!!

What am I taking a picture of ?

and a small commission amongst other things for our very own Stephen Marwood Photographer extraordinaire! 

This coming week we are making a lightening cake with Pepper Pig and anything any of you lovelies out there would like!

                     Keep a look out for our valentine out out as soon as I can load the images!!!

Ciao for Now!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Year New Beginning and a headless All Black?

Hello  Everyone!

I do hope that everyone had a fantastic Holiday and incidentally a Happy New Year to All!

We have started the year very well being rushed off of our feet already Whoopie!! In the Pipe line we have an all blacks rugby themed cake and Glass of Guinness and dare I say it a Bed Cake too!! I do love it when clients ring and ask sheepishly if we can make an unusual cake we have so much fun doing them so please keep them coming.

Our new Army of All Blacks   

A friend of mine who I went to school with posted on Face book her own home made cup cakes and they are so fantastic that I cannot resist putting them up here! if any one likes baking and would like to forward me pictures or needs any help with recopies drop me a line we would love to hear from you!

Trina's Cup Cakes Yummy!

 Keep a look out for aour Valenitnes line comming soon. Happy Munching All!!!