Thursday, 29 September 2011

A little bit of what we have been up to....

A little bow is a very nice touch this birthday cake we have to the right. A very slick happy birthday signature(in chocolate, hmmm), a few flowers, a dab of chocolate there and thats all you need to have one good looking cake ready to be devoured by those lucky individuals. Happy Birthday and enjoy!

The week is almost over and do I have a treat you should get excited about. Tomorrow is a big day, I overheard over the phone that we have an order for a Ferrari. Not a picture of a Ferrari on a cake, but they want us to build one. Now I am excited to see how this cake turns out. To see a Ferrari built out of marzipan as in races down the road. Now that is something you don’t see every day. I am going to be in the kitchen tomorrow, watching as our crew makes this car come to life. So I hope as you read this, you are getting as anxious as I am to see how it turns out. I will take plenty of pictures to make sure I capture the car being built and be able to post them on Friday.  Sunny skies are ahead and what better way is to see a nice car on top of everyone’s favourite dessert. Enjoy the rest of Thursday and I will see all your cake and car lovers tomorrow
Mark C. Palmer

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Some Pretty Cool Cakes

Hello my cake lovers, today I have some pretty cool cakes to show you. 

This has to be the first book I think I would actually want to steal away to a corner and finish the whole thing. Check out those page lines, which had to be individual draw on by our team. I think it is so cool the variety of skill Anna and Vincenzo have. They can make a book out of cake! Now that is something I didn’t even think was possible. When I think of a birthday cake I think a cake with birthday candles and one tier, but the fact this cake looks like a book. I hope Fiona enjoyed her cake since you don’t see at every birthday party.

Now the book cake was cool, but you have to admire the detail work on this next cake. It seems like you typical cake, but look at those flowers. The amount of detail is incredible. Those flowers look like they were just plucked from our magical cake garden and placed on the cake. I hope Anne and David enjoyed their cakes and we wish them only the best in the future.

My birthday may be in July, but this Hello Kitty cake may end up in front of me next summer. I am just kidding, but that is some cake. Not only is it an awesome cake, but it looks like a hat. Just imagine if you walked around with that on your head. You would never go hungry again! A cake like that wouldn’t be around too long. I bet the pictures were taken and everyone dug in. Wish I could have been there to have slice of that cake. From what I have seen if someone can dream of a cake they want, we can do it.

Now these cupcakes are especially special since they were done by none other than our very own Nicola. And I have to say, for being stuck in the office with me, she knows how to make a mean cupcake.

Last and certainly not least is the cake that I am guessing people were lining up to grab a piece of; that handbag and high heels. That is a 3D cake; you literally see the merchandise rising up from the cake. I can’t imagine how our team managed to 1. Make the shoe 2. Was able to make it stand up straight. If I can walk away in November with the  some ability or the knowledge of how to do some of the cakes that Anna and Vincenzo can do , I think I can impress a lot of ladies back in Minnesota with my skills at decorating cake.

Till next time cake lovers

Mark Palmer

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New Intern in the Rotation

Hello London,

My name is Mark Palmer and I will in interning here at Family Cakes Company until November. I am studying abroad this fall at Imperial College until December. I am originally from the frozen tundra of Minnesota back in the U.S. I go to St. John’s University in Minnesota not to be confused with the one in New York. I had the privileged of being connected to Family Cakes Company for my internship and I am excited to work here and be part of the business.

When I first heard about my internship, I think all my classmates were more excited for me working at Family Cakes Company than I was, since they thought they would be getting free cakes. There is a joke at our school about how much the girls love ice cream. Long story short; be careful around the ice cream machine, since you never know when a hungry girl is going to run you over for her second or third helping of ice cream.

 I didn’t know anything about the company before my placement, but after reading the previous blogs and checking out some of the cakes they have done, it seemed this companies knows  a thing or two about making some superb cakes. I am looking forward to working in this new environment and lending a hand to Nicola in the office or maybe Anna in the kitchen to make some super duper cake, I can only dream of making on my own.

So far this week has been quite interesting. I arrived in on Tuesday for my first day of work, to be almost run over by loads of trays of food getting ready to be shipped out. Went upstairs to see what gruelling task I would be forced to do by Nicola. Luckily I was fortunate enough to get the job of working at the computer, looking over the blog, telling people Daniel wasn’t here and no, I didn’t know where he was coming back. I think I will be having that task for quite some time. The day went by rather fast, talking Nicola about the company and how much help I am going to be. It was a pretty low stress day overall, had a good chat with Daniel and Nicola about how to get our cakes into the bellies of cake lovers around the town.

I hope to make difference at Family Cakes Company while I am here in the big city that is London. I hope to help in whatever way I can to make sure that stomachs are full after eating our numerous cake options. I plan on being valued member of the Family Cake’s family and I hope my experience will teach me how a business run on a day to day basis.

(Those who wish to see my handsome face, don’t worry, I won’t make my fans wait too long).

Have a good weekend and see ya next week

Mark Palmer

p.s Kidding about the handsome face