Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Petit Choux Who !?

The pastry shop Popelini in the Marais which took the cake eating fraternity of Paris by gale force earlier this year is devoted solely to delicious indiviudal choux buns or choux puffs.  Has the much celebrated macaroon had it's day? What of the Whoopie pie I hear you gasp? Should cup cakes to be relegated to the archives of old Sex & The City episodes?

Are we Brits ready to be wooed by a khelidascope of creamy delicately perfumed choux buns???  They look & sounds delicious, almost good enough to wear.  However,  has anyone pointed out to the elite A lister patisserie chefs in Paris that us Brits have been eating the such since before Artic Rolls & Vienettas became a thing of nostalgia... When's your next party Abigail?

Check out some of the creme filled choux buns we specialise in here at the Family Cake Company. Very delicious, VERY hard to say no to... so why bother... bon apetit !

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